About us

Learn more about F-Kontakt Ltd., our company structure and activities

The company

F-Kontakt Ltd. was founded in 1990 as a family-business for manufacturing and machining of industrial parts. In the beginning, we used conventional milling- and turning machines for our activity. From 2000 on – thanks to the continuous development of our machine park – the production runs on modern, up-to-date CNC machining centres.

With 17 qualified employees using the modern CAD/CAM software system we manufacture small and medium series, single- and prototype parts. Due to tight control and our modern devices the quality of our parts is excellent and meets the expectations of our customers.

Our main profile

Manufacturing of small- and medium series, even in JIT logistic system

Manufacturing of single parts and prototypes

Planning/construction and manufacturing of hydraulic clamping tools for high volume production

Manufacture of welded structures

On demand we produce complete structures incl. mounting and place in service.

Our parts are mainly made of structural- and alloy steel, tool steels, cast irons, forged steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze), aluminium alloys, various plastics (PA, POM, PTF, glass-fibre reinforced plastics, Murtfeldt, Tecapeek)

Machine park

Our equipment is being continuously developed to be able to meet the requirements of our present and future customers. We provide precise and effective manufacturing, furthermore short delivery time with our CAD/CAM Software-System and equipment park.

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Machining dimensions


4 axe CNC milling centers, up to 1080 x 630 x 630 mm


CNC turning centers with driven tools up to Ø500 x 1050 mm


Surface flat grinding up to 900 x 550 mm, roundgrinding up to Ø250 x 1000 mm


CNC sawing machines up to Ø320 mm